Product and Process Patent - Why is it necessary

You can make your physical assets safe and secured by keeping them in bank lockers or warehouses but what about the intellectual property? The right to produce a product, its unique process, the knowledge regarding the product which should be used by you only are called intellectual property. The need for Product patent and process patent has been emerged by this concept only so that you may have a statutory privilege in case of any infringement.

Product patent -

Under product patent, only the actual inventor has the right to produce the specific product. This ensures, no other manufacturer produces the product by the same or different method. We are a popular name among the companies offering Patent Registration in kolkata. Visit our website or call our counselors and we will tell you the whole procedure.

Process patent -

This concept is more popular in a developing country like India. Under process patent, the whole procedure by which a product is getting manufactured is given a patent. This ensures that no other producer produces the product using the SAME procedure. Our company has a team of specialists which helps you in getting secure process patent.

Patent searching - An important stage for getting a patent

Companies providing professional services for patent registration do this task of ensuring that the patent you are asking for is unique and actually invented by you. Our company has been providing such services for years. A patent search is done by us using various advanced methods. If you are looking for a Patent Registration in kolkata, try visiting us once and you will feel the difference. Our company assists you with all the formalities and stages for getting a patent. We also help you in filing legal suit in case of any unauthorized use of your patent. Despite the fact being quality services, our services are affordable also, this will not negatively affect your budget.